This page lists all the public files available for download : software, user guides, code templates, etc.

BoomBox user manual

This document is the complete user manual of the BoomBox. It thoroughly describes its hardware and software functions such as the configuration of the analog and digital inputs or outputs. In addition, the basic principles of operation of the embedded operating system and protective features are also described. Finally, details are also given on how to use the pre-defined software libraries.

BoomBox quick start guide

This document describes how to retrieve and install the software that is necessary to get started with the BoomBox. The second part of the document focuses on how to connect the BoomBox to the computer and how to program the BoomBox once the code has been compiled.

Texas Instruments Code Composer and Control Suite

TI Code Composer and Control Suite are part of the programming environement for the BoomBox. Each software must be installed according the BoomBox Quick Start Guide. The installers can be downloaded directly through TI website :

Once Code Composer is installed, make sure to add the correct compiler version : C2800 v.6.2.x (usually v.6.2.11). To do this, please download and install : C2000 Code Generation Tools v6.2.11

BoomBox USB-console driver

This file is the driver for the USB-console port of the BoomBox. FTDI VCP v.2.12 file has been originally published by the chip manufacturer :

TeraTerm terminal utility

TeraTerm 4.85 is a terminal client that can be used to remotely control the BoomBox. It is released under BSD license.

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