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imperix announces a new strategic partnership with OPAL-RT technologies

 August 22nd, 2017
 Simon Delalay

Imperix is proud to announce the signature of a key strategic partnership with OPAL-RT Technologies Inc. Based in Montreal (Canada), the company is a global leader in real-time simulation and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing for electrical systems.

As a first step in their collaboration, the two companies will launch a new product bundle, designed to foster the acceleration of innovation in power electronics. Combining a state-of-the-art HIL simulator from OPAL-RT with Imperix’s Boombox and power hardware, this bundle will allow for quick and simple experimentation of power converter control techniques. Indeed, thanks to the combined use of both HIL and low-voltage prototyping in a single test bench, R∧D engineers can accelerate their development cycle and obtain a very high degree of realism.

Imperix will also benefit from the long-established sales experience of OPAL-RT, notably by granting the company with an exclusive distribution license in North- and South-Americas. Reciprocally, OPAL-RT will be able to count on imperix’s solutions and expertise in low-voltage systems to further extend its activities beyond simulation. “Imperix will help expand and complete OPAL-RT’s real-time simulation offering by providing solutions adapted to power electronics » said Jean Bélanger, CEO and CTO of Opal-RT Technologies.

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Product bundle – overview

Imperix showcases HVDC prototyping system in Shanghai

 July 2nd, 2017
 Nicolas Cherix

Earlier this month, the company successfully set-up a demonstration of its products for the prototyping of HVDC transmission systems using Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) technology.

Thanks to their extreme flexibility and scalability, such systems are indeed becoming the prefered power converter technology for long-distance or underground energy transport. As such, they constitute a highly active topic of research and development for imperix’s customers.

The commissioning of this system took place in the premises of KeLiang Technologies Co. Ltd, the exclusive distributor of imperix’s products in China. This example very well illustrates the capabilities of both companies to join forces, in order to support their customers with high-end and comprehensive solutions.

ECCE-Asia 2017

 June 8th, 2017
 Nicolas Cherix

Organised this year in Kaoshiung (Taiwan), the Asian declination of the Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition attracted numerous visitors from all around the world. For imperix, this event was the opportunity to keep in touch with numerous researchers and present its products and services to new visitors.
Imperix team would like to thank everyone for the positive exchanges and is looking forward to continuing its discussions with its customers and partners.

Imperix accepted in CTI-Startup program phase III

 March 29th, 2017
 Simon Delalay

By late february 2017, imperix has successfully passed the Coaching Acceptance of the Swiss federal Startup Coaching program. Imperix has been able to demonstrate the relevance of its technology  as well as its business model.

As of today, imperix is full member of the Swiss Federal Start-up coaching programme managed by CTI/KTI, the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation. As of today, imperix is working to get the CTI Start-up Label, which is, according to CTI: “a seal of quality, a certificate of achievement, and a sign of credibility and readiness for sustainable growth”.

Meet us at ESARS ITEC 2016!

 October 31st, 2016
 Simon Delalay

Starting this Wednesday, the ESARS ITEC 2016 event will take place at ENSEEIHT, Toulouse (France). As a partner of this event, imperix team is looking forward to attending to this conference.
If you feel curious about our activities, feel free to book a meeting with one of our team member in order to get a personal introduction to our products related to power electronics prototyping.
Looking forward to meeting you in Toulouse!
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LEM award

 October 10th, 2016
 Simon Delalay

Imperix wishes all the best to its former intern Antony Pinto, who recently won the EPFL-LEM award for his diploma project carried on at imperix on “Automated code generation for high-performance hard real-time systems”. This award recognizes a Master project of excellent quality significantly contributing to the field of electrical parameter measuring.
Imperix works in close cooperation with Swiss engineering schools, including EPFL and HES-SO. In that frame, students are usually integrated in the imperix team as interns for completing their Master/Bachelor final projects. During that time, they usually freely work on advanced topics such as power electronics control, modular hardware design, embedded systems design as well as high speed data communication.

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Top 100 startups Switzerland

 September 16th, 2016
 Simon Delalay

Imperix team is proud that the company has been again selected to be part of the “Top 100 of Swiss startups”, three years in a row. With its headquarters located on the Energypolis campus of Sion, and almost three years after its incorporation, imperix stands this year as the first startup from region Valais.
We all thank our partners, supporters and customers for their enthusiasm and their valuable contribution. The whole imperix team is already working towards upcoming challenges. Stay tuned!

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EPE 2016 ECCE Europe

 September 9th, 2016
 Simon Delalay

This week, imperix joined the latest edition of EPE conference in Karlsruhe. Imperix team would like to thank all its visitors for the positive exchanges and is looking forward to continuing its discussions with its customers and partners. Among many other features, Simulink-based programming of the BoomBox realtime controller has been highlighted this year.

For those wo have missed this opportunity to discover the newest features of our products ond solutions for rapid prototyping in power electronics, drives and smart grids, we would be glad to welcome you on our booth at IECON 2016 (Oct. 24-26) in Firenze (Italy).

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Automated code generation for the BoomBox

 August 23rd, 2016
 Nicolas Cherix

Imperix is proud to launch a new programming workflow for rapid control prototyping with the BoomBox. In addition to the current C/C++ coding approach, the development of your control algorithms can now be easier (and quicker) thanks to Simulink™-based coding.

With the BoomBox blockset for Simulink™, you can code – and test! – your converter control within minutes. Relying on the capabilities of PLECS™ or Simscape PowerSystems™, you’ll be also able to run high-fidelity PC-based simulation of your converter along with its controller. Then, you can program your BoomBox within seconds (literally!) and start working on a real prototype.
Finally, thanks to the BoomBox control utility, you can access and log from your PC any user-defined variables while your converter is actually running.

Come meet us at ECCE-Europe 2016 to discover more about our newest software and discuss with our engineers. Our team will be waiting for you on booth #46 and will be happy to show you some features live.

BoomBox and HIL simulation at SGE 2016 in Grenoble

 June 1st, 2016
 Nicolas Cherix

Join us at SGE 2016 Symposium in Grenoble, France, on our shared booth with Typhoon HIL. The symposium now supersedes the previous EPF, EF and MGE conferences, targeting a broader audience within the french-speaking community of electrical engineering.
During the conference, we will demonstrate how our rapid control prototyping system – the BoomBox – can be ideally combined with Typhoon HIL’s newest Hardware in-the-Loop (HIL) simulator HIL402, for easier and faster development and testing of control algorithms for power electronics. Whether you are interested in research, teaching or in industry applications, visit our booth and see our hardware in action! Meet with our engineers and learn how our take the most of our products and accelerate your prototyping activities, whether you are dealing with a single inverter or a complex microgrid.

SGE 2016