Power electronics test bundle


Bundles and packages

In order to provide academic and R&D teams with prototyping material that is ready-to-start, imperix provides several product bundles and packages that target specific needs.

Power electronics test bundle Multilevel converter bundle

Power electronics test bench

Enable the transition from simulation to real power

From simulation to the real power

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1. Imagine and develop

Imagine and develop your control on the Boombox, an easy-to-use and high-performance controller.
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2. Model and simulate

Simulate the converter itself (or multiple converters) on the OP 4510, a high fidelity hardware-in-the loop (HIL) simulator.
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3. Debug, test and validate

Test your control under all operating conditions. Observe any signal and produce insightful graphics.
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4. Implement

Seamlessly port your developments to a real power converter by re-wiring the corresponding signal cables.

Content of the bundle

BoomBox _small

BoomBox Control Platform

The BoomBox is a high-performance and versatile Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) platform specialized for power electronics. More info…

Opal-RT OP4510

The OP4510 is a HIL simulator that ideally supports eHS and combines all of OPAL-RT’s strengths in an affordable platform. More info…
trenchconv _small

PowerTrench Converter

PowerTrench converters are built using 6x PEB8032 modules and can be freely configured to build up various converter topologies. More info…

Passive components

This enclosure contains the necessary inductors and filters in order to appropriately connect the converter to external sources. More info…