Multilevel converter bundle


Bundles and packages

In order to provide academic and R&D teams with prototyping material that is ready-to-start, imperix provides several product bundles and packages that target specific needs.

Power electronics test bundle Multilevel converter bundle

Multilevel converter bundle

The ultimate solution for modular and scalable prototyping


Realistic architecture

Experiment at low voltage, while facing all the challenges of the control of advanced power converters in realistic conditions using the PowerTrench modules included in this multilevel converter bundle.
These building blocks implement not only the power switches, but all the necessary measurements, protections and signalling to mimic large power converters to help you identify the true control challenges, accelerate your developments and reach concrete and publishable results in no time.

Modular construction

Work with power hardware that is not only perfectly suited for your immediate developments, but also your next one and those after that.
With the PowerTrench modules, reconfiguring the converter topology can be done by simple changes in the board-to-board cabling and rack-level configuration. This way, there are practically no limitations in the converter topologies you imagine and test inside your laboratory.