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The BoomBox

The BoomBox is a high-performance Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) platform tailored for power electronics. It helps R&D engineers to speed up their control developments, while guaranteeing a safe and sound control implementation.

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The BoomBox is the ultimate tool for research

  • Benefit from tailor-made interfaces and a largely pre-configured software and forget about the low-level implementation details that you don’t want to care about.
  • Take advantage of a real industrial-grade appliance to stop worrying about the acquisition and control hardware.
  • Focus on your research rather than implementation issues.

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The BoomBox helps you save time and money

  • Stop constantly re-designing interfaces during every project and take advantage of the flexibility of the BoomBox to adapt swiftly to various needs.
  • Reduce your development time by using the code librairies and examples directly provided by imperix.
  • Benefit from the BoomBox’s device-independent architecture to circumvent the low lifetime of electronic components.

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The BoomBox is a high precision device

  • Master every piece of your control from the sampling to the modulation. In case you need something that does not exist, you can even replace a part of the open-source functions by your own code.
  • With the BoomBox, small, constant and precisely defined delays are guaranteed throughout the control loops: sampling, modulation, processing.
  • Input filtering – or no filtering – is possible, with synchronous sample holding and various sampling configurations.

Hardware features


The BoomBox is a high performance device

  • C/C++ coding on our embedded operating system ensures a fast execution of real-time processes.
  • Excellent performances can be achieved, up to typically 50kHz in closed-loop control.
  • Configurable high-resolution acquisition and modulation peripherals enable superior control performance.

Software features


The BoomBox is an industrial-grade device

  • Avoid numerous changes of development platforms and work from the start with the final control appliance.
  • Test and work directly on the real system without fear; the Boombox will protect you and the converter.
  • Tailored for power electronics applications, the Boombox is a rugged device that has been thoroughly tested for this purpose.

Safety mechanisms