PEB4250 phase leg module


Power modules

When it come to the rapid prototyping of power electronics, one of the simplest ways to start working is to rely on pre-manufactured and pre-tested power modules. Independently from the desired topology, such modules can be assembled to form a working power converter system in a blink of an eye.



These phase-leg (half-bridge) power electronic blocks are not only made of best-in-class 600V IGBTs, but contain all auxiliary subsystems such as isolated gate drivers, measurement, cooling and safety. Combined with the BoomBox control platform, mid-power conversion systems become truly within reach of everyone!

Tailored for modular applications

The PEB4020 are suitable for modular conversion topologies such as MMC, CHB, etc. These modules can easily be integrated in a 19” chassis.


250W heat exchanger

The PEB4250 heat exchangers are designed to exctract up to 250W of thermal power out of the two power switches. This allows to exploit IXYS power switches up to their maximal performances, including hard switching conditions up to the medium frequency range.

Ready for extreme power density

The PEB4250 series are provided with a custom-designed water-cooling heatsink that allows an extreme power density. This design provides unrivaled thermal performance that enables very high power densities, what make the PEB4250 modules ideal for very demanding applications.


Swiss made

All systems are designed, manufactured and assembled in Switzerland. The PEB4250 series benefit from a long-term development effort that lead to more reliable power conversion systems. By using our widely-tested submodules, engineers are able to shorten their development and commissioning times.

  •   Watercooled
  •   Up to 50A at 420V, 30KHz
  •   Current sensor
  •   Gating signals via fiberoptic or copper
  •   Safety embedded
  •   Isolated gate drivers