Power modules

When it come to the rapid prototyping of power electronics, one of the simplest ways to start working is to rely on pre-manufactured and pre-tested power modules. Independently from the desired topology, such modules can be assembled to form a working power converter system in a blink of an eye.

PEN8018 800V / 18A NPC 3-level phase-leg module



Take advantage of the well-known benefits of 3-level topologies without too much added complexity. Code examples are provided to make the control of NPC modules a child’s play, and existing 2-level control algorithms can be adapted to 3-level topology in no time.


Reusing high performance cooling systems for industrial computers, PEN series are provided with an air-cooling system that features approximately 120W TDP. What’s more, PEN modules provide automatic on-board variable-speed control of the fan speed.



PEN modules contain all the necessary embedded logic, isolated drivers, safety mechanisms and measurements to be used right away. Combined with the BoomBox control platform, the modules are ideally suited to build up ambitious prototypes of any low-voltage NPC converter.


All modules embed some programmable components on board: 2 microcontrollers and one CPLD. By default, these components are ensuring the safety of the module as well as its automated by-passing in case of fault. Optionally, the user can customize the firmware to enable advanced features such as 2-to-4 gating signal coding, different fault behavior, etc.

Swiss made

Swiss made

All systems are designed, manufactured and assembled in Switzerland. The PEN series benefits from a long-term development effort that leads to more reliable power conversion systems, which are also extremely easy to implement.

  •   Air-cooled
  •   Rated 800V / 18A
  •   Up to 40 kHz switching
  •   IGBT power switches
  •   Fiberoptic gate inputs
  •   Removable mezzanine
  •   On-board protections